Fashion 3PL Services That Keep You Ahead

We provide the most cost effective supply chain solutions by using efficient warehousing employing skilled workers and high-end technology to adapt to the ever-changing fashion industry. Our customer-centric and proactive approach ensures you stay ahead of your game.

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Why Hire Fashion Warehouse Fulfillment Services?

By employing experienced fashion warehouse fulfillment provider you slash overheads and logistics expenses.

Given the dynamic and seasonal nature of the fashion industry, it makes perfect sense to outsource and hire fashion 3PL services. This enables you to quickly respond to tight deadlines and the ever evolving market demands whilst minimising fixed warehouse rental and labour overheads.

Small and large orders with high or low volume SKUs makes inventory management very difficult. Efficient and rapid fashion warehouse fulfilment is enhanced by using specialist logistic operators.

By using an experienced fashion 3PL provider you can benefit from the value added services of textile specialists who understand your product and your customers’ particular requirements.

So if you want to leverage your apparel brand with first-class logistics solutions, Vance Clothing can partner with you to drive better sales and business growth. Simply get in touch with us for a quick quote today.

Partner with Us for Fashion 3PL Services

If you own an apparel business and need a reliable fulfilment company to look after your logistics requirements, we would love to help. We can offer a range of flexible and tailored 3PL logistics services to grow your clothing business into a successful brand.

With intense competition in the clothing and apparel market, following a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. Understanding the challenges involved, we can take charge of your logistics needs and tailor them right from purchase to delivery and even returns management.

At Vance Clothing, we will:

  • Safely stock and organise your garments neat and tidy in our warehouse
  • Pick and pack orders rapidly in quick turnarounds
  • Handle complete inventory management
  • Stream press garments for immediate delivery
  • Provide custom gift wrapping with orders as per requirements
  • Manage returns from collection to restocking and exchange within 24 hours
  • Assist with reworking, repackaging, relabelling, repairing and many more…

We have worked with countless fashion companies big and small from small-scale businesses to established brands. As a fashion warehouse fulfilment partner with years of expertise and market know-how you can ensure each order will be handled with efficiency, accuracy and care.