In today’s fast moving and competitive environment, it makes perfect sense to outsource storage and distribution to a 3PL Warehouse. This will save you not only time and money, but also worry, thereby allowing you to concentrate all your efforts on growing your core business.

VC offers state of the art 3PL warehousing from its modern Airport West facility in Melbourne. VC’s comprehensive 3PL warehousing services include the following;

  • Professional container unloading and storage facilities from our Melbourne warehouse.
  • Specialist picking /packing /sorting and despatching services geared to servicing major and smaller retailers throughout Australia and globally.
  • The most cost effective E-commerce /WMS has been developed to ensure the fastest online order fulfilment and most efficient 3PL warehouse stock control.
  • Reducing stock turnaround time is absolutely crucial for increasing cash flow and generating repeat seasonal sales.
  • Our in-house transport and freight optimisation software means distribution within Melbourne and throughout Australia and globally is always incurring the lowest freight cost.
  • Specialised apparel pressing /finishing/ packaging and rework services are offered in our 3PL warehouse if required. We understand that maintaining a high standard of presentation in store and online are paramount to your business success.

These are just some of the many advantages of utilising our 3PL warehouse facilities in Melbourne.

  • 3PL warehousing means there are considerable savings in your fixed payroll and the many associated on-costs.
  • 3PL means further cost savings and more efficiency as companies can leverage off dedicated trained and skilled personnel who are experts in stock-handling, sorting and despatch.
  • 3PL warehousing means there is no need to invest in specialised equipment leases, expensive WMS, EDI, Scanning software, online fulfilment software, health and compliance and expensive training costs.
  • Warehousing 3PL means there is no need for a dedicated warehouse, when space may only ever be required intermittently or on a seasonal basis. Moreover it enables an organisation to scale up or down its inventory, without absorbing the high fixed rental costs of leasing an entire warehouse.

VC is totally committed to providing the full range of 3PL warehousing services to the fashion /textile and complementary industries in the most efficient/fastest way at the most competitive price.

VC is totally dedicated to providing a tailored personalised service to all of its clients warehousing, processing and distribution needs – no matter how small or large they are.

VC has an enviable reputation in 3PL warehousing, gained since 2007. We work very closely with our customers, and our personnel pride themselves on being able to meet tight customer deadlines, and specific customer requirements.

We have made a considerable investment in training skilled and highly effective warehouse personnel, investing in efficient warehouse infrastructure including racking, layout, pressing facilities, and WMS and e-commerce solutions. It is all in place and waiting for you to use

For more information on our specialised business, to set up a meeting, or obtain a quote please do not hesitate to get in touch