Think About Maximising Garment Sales and Re-Stocking

We’re sure you’ll agree, the retail apparel industry is fast moving, seasonal and inventory needs to be sold and re-stocked quickly…on time every time.

To benefit our clients, Vance Clothing invests a great deal of time in R & D and the purchase of apparel pressing and finishing equipment, to dramatically increase productivity and reduces time constraints for our clients.

More importantly, to maximise the short time frames, our apparel pressing and finishing provides certainty to clients who require continuity, timely distribution and professional presentation of garments.

Think About Moving Inventory Fast

As a further convenience, our high-performance production lines provide the certainty our clients require, without compromising on quality or service.

Among other services, Vance Clothing offers an apparel pressing, garment finishing, warehousing and distribution service that provides:

  • increased speed to market
  • eliminates time constraints
  • turn over styles quickly
  • increase sales and replenish stock items

Steam Tunnel Pressing

Vance Clothing are at the forefront in plant and equipment investment. We pride ourselves on helping our valued clients stay ahead of fashion cycles by providing certainty, consistency and a high level of quality and service.

Our state of the art high speed Veit Steam Tunnel Pressing Machine handles 1800 garments per hour capacity and significantly reduces the costs to your business.

Hand Pressing

Vance Clothing offers hand pressing or Hoffman garment pressing and ensures delivery, with both, special care and the attention to detail required by a fast-moving fashion industry.

In relation to hand pressing it’s important to note that today’s apparel industry demands the skillset of specialised staff to process garments to a high standard.

Dolly Pressing

We’ve got the solution for every type of garment in today’s market. And today more than ever you need the full range of pressing and finishing options available to move inventory.

A dolly press consists of a frame which retains its form then compressed air and steam is gently released through pipes into the form.

A carefully designed pressing form is generally made by heavy canvas fabric and the form is designed according to the size of body of the garments.

Moreover, dolly pressing is used but not limited to the pressing of jeans, pants, sportswear, T-shirts, pants, blouses and so on