Apparel Pressing And Finishing

Many VC’s clients choose to use our state of the art steam pressing services that deliver garments into store on hangers, fully pressed, bagged and ready for immediate sale.

The apparel industry is fast moving and in-store stock is allocated a very limited merchandising time frame before garment mark downs and sales are introduced. It makes sense to spend a small amount of money (but in relation to the retail garment cost, normally well under 1%) to get the most professional presentation possible from your garments. Moreover, retailers in-store can concentrate on doing what they do best – selling rather than unpacking, sorting and processing heavy flat cartons arriving in the store.

When it comes to pressing, VC is at the forefront of plant and equipment investment. Our state of the Art high speed Veit Steam Tunnel can process up to 1800 garments per hour. If garments require hand pressing, VC has the most experienced and skilled staff available to take control.