VC is a medium sized 3PL warehouse offering the full range of specialist logistics services to the fashion and related industries, including Ecommerce fulfilment. Ecommerce is the fastest growing area of business for most of our customers so it’s vitally important that our in house ecommerce fulfilment center and our staff efficiency is second to none.

VC has worked hard and invested heavily in the latest warehouse management systems WMS  and   technology to ensure  Ecommerce fulfilment services are quick , accurate and flexible . This means to be able to seamlessly integrate with the fastest Ecommerce platforms such as the Iconic and shopify. It also means that we have to be able to guarantee to our customers, that the end shopper will receive their online order fulfilment quickly (i.e. order despatch within 24 hours) and affordably, every time they shop on line.  The rise of Ecommerce fulfilment has meant that VC has had to adopt specific new strategies and systems to deal with the processing of smaller orders, often individual items. Reducing the internal travel time of our warehouse pickers by such strategies as cluster picking – the focusing on the picking of items rather than orders, and the use of mobile printers and tablets has been essential. The introduction of advanced WMS software dictating order prioritisation and providing our pickers with efficient picking paths   is also very important in reducing despatch times and realising cost efficiencies.

VC’s investment in Ecommerce fulfilment software ensures that the tracking of inventory levels is accurate and the processing of returns is timely and efficient. Up to date Real time information can be provided to assist our customers in their future forcasting and reordering of items based on accurate inventory recording. VC’s Ecommerce fulfilment service offers flexibility as well as the scalability to cater for a huge volume of orders which are often required to be despatched for peak sales events such as Black Friday.

VC’s freight optimisation software means that our customers will always use the lowest freight carrier to despatch their Ecommerce orders within Melbourne, Australia and overseas.

We don’t believe in the one plan fits all approach. Each customer and their business get treated with custom made solutions. We always focus on providing personalised Ecommerce services to our customers, which will deliver the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost.