Vance Clothing (VC) was established in early 2007 and provides a full complement of third party logistics (3PL) to the fashion and related industries. Working closely with existing customers VC is committed and geared to meeting tight industry deadlines, reducing the turnaround time for stock dispatched into store, increasing the professional presentation of garments delivered into store and saving it’s clients time and ongoing operational costs.

VC has invested money in training skilled and highly effective warehouse personnel. It has invested in efficient warehouse systems, layout, racking and professional equipment including a German Engineered Steam Tunnel, a fully integrated EDI scanning system, as well as Automated Pack and Bagging Machines.

Our mission statement is to work closely with our customers to develop the most efficient and effective warehouse distribution system to suit their specific requirements.

VC is committed to operating its business in an honest, responsible and ethical manner to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and internationally recognised standards and practices.