Your One Stop Source for all Your Warehousing and Distribution

One things for sure, when your business works to busy deadlines and requires on-time delivery you cannot go past Vance Clothing for all your warehousing and distribution fulfilment.But that’s just part of the story…

In today competitive environment it makes perfect sense to reduce your operational costs and outsource your warehouse and transport requirements to Vance Clothing. For example, you will save time and money in the following areas:

  • By reducing the need for infrastructure
  • Reducing human resources
  • No lease or equipment purchases
  • Save costs on workers compensation insurance
  • No payroll taxes
  • Save money on health and safety compliance costs
  • Save time by using a specialist operator and more…

The really good news is that by reducing warehousing operational costs and together with on time distribution schedules your organisation has the ability scale up and down on inventory into your store.

All You Need Under One Roof

Our distribution centre not only houses a wide range of pressing and finishing equipment but we also provide tilt-tray sortation, pick-to-light conveyors and a garment on hanger rail system.

Our services include:

  • Secure warehousing at our Airport West facility
  • Container unloading
  • Store Pick/Pack and distribution
  • EDO scan pack
  • Delivery by our own trucks, or by third party transport, direct to distribution centres or directly into stores

In fact, Vance Clothing services provides small, medium and large companies the ability to enjoy speed to market capabilities and the opportunity to factor in tight supply chain strategies.

Our agile and flexible solutions are tailored to meet the competitive demands and ever-changing needs of your business. You’ll also benefit from our state-of-the-art EDI scanning and tracking system.

Individually Tailored Solutions

No matter how large or how small—whether you need pick and pack, hanging garments on hangers, barcoding or inventory management, we have the capabilities to handle every garment line in today’s wholesale or retail market.

Vance Clothing provides a comprehensive range of logistics management solutions that is designed to help clients save time and money and impress your customers.